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We produce FFS film in all types and sizes. FFS film is a film quality that is suitable for the fastest packaging lines. Every machine and every application is unique. Produced completely on the basis of your wishes.

Features of our FFS film

The FFS film that we make has the following features:
  • Usable for almost every application and most modern processing machines
  • Every film is unique, we produce a customised film for every application and every packaging machine
  • It is a food safe packaging in accordance with BRC Packaging standards

Versions of our FFS film

The FFS film that we make is available in the following versions:
  • LD – MD – HD – Metallocenes -  Bio-based and thickness reducing recipes
  • Mono and coex
  • Width from 30 cm
  • Thickness from 25 micron to 250 micron
  • Smooth – rough
  • Transparent – opaque coloured – paper match
  • Various types of perforations and punches
  • UV-resistant
  • Deep-freeze-proof
  • For good stackability - anti-slip
  • Punch holes
  • Different pressure qualities

Application options of our FFS-film

The FFS film that we make is suitable for the following application options: