What does OPI Plastics do about sustainability and environment?

The OPACKGROUP, to which OPI is a part, has grown through innovation, focusing on quality, circularity and collaboration with all other parties in the chain. Collaboration is also crucial to sustainability. Due to all the developments in the market, there is an overkill of sustainable information, and this makes things complicated.

Die OPACKGROUP, zu der OPI gehört, ist durch Innovation, Fokus auf Qualität, Kreislaufwirtschaft und Zusammenarbeit mit allen Beteiligten in der Kette groß geworden. Zusammenarbeit ist auch für die Nachhaltigkeit entscheidend. Bei all den Entwicklungen auf dem Markt ist die Flut an nachhaltigen Informationen enorm – und das macht es so komplex.

That is why, as OPACKGROUP, we are consciously involved as a knowledge partner in various executive roles, within and outside our field of business. Our slogan ‘The sustainable innovator’ demonstrates that we are very serious about this vision for the future. How do we do it? By really focusing on six areas of interest. This way, we get closer to sustainable plastic packaging, step by step.

Of course, we are prepared to offer personal advice based on our sustainable vision, through one of our product managers or our sustainability executive, Rob Verhagen.


A sustainable development is a development that is aligned with the current necessities, without endangering the capacity of future generations to provide for their own needs, as stated in the definition of the UN Brundtland commission in 1987. Actually, sustainable business operations have an environmental background.


As manufacturers, we are aware of the effects of our production of plastic materials on the environment. Within the OPACKGROUP we have our own recycling capacity to recycle the film and transform it to polyethylene granulates again. These granulates are used to produce new film. Therefore, not a granule is lost in the OPACKGROUP, the environment is less burdened and this also reduces production costs! Furthermore, all the companies in the group use green (renewable) energy.

The Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken (KIDV), the Dutch expert center for sustainable packaging, has developed a document that clarifies the practice of separating packaging materials. This document describes the way packaging materials have to be separated after use, and how to explain this to consumers, possibly with logos.

Ready to Recycle

Recyclability of packaging materials is an important instrument in the transition to a sustainable economy. Through its packaging portfolio, the OPACKGROUP focuses on developing its packaging products with as much recyclability as possible. For example, the manufacturer in Giessen has opened a plant in 2022, where everything is geared towards producing sustainable packaging. This offers a choice between an innovative and more sustainable alternative versus the regular film qualities. This new film quality is 100% recyclable.

This comprises alternatives for laminated or barrier films with PA, PVDC or PET, and aluminum film. With Ready to Recycle films you are assured that the film quality is 100% recyclable.

We believe in recycling plastic packaging, especially now the technology involving waste collection has become ever more advanced. With this step towards Ready to Recycle we are in alignment with the path we chose with Rethink Plastics. This further develops the ‘Re’ features in Re-cycle and Re-design.

Plastic Pact NL

The OPACKGROUP has signed the Plastic Pact NL. The focus is explicitly on the circular economy and on recycling, including changes in legislation. Reducing CO2 by applying bio-based plastics is one of the spearheads as well. Circular design is the only way ahead! It is crucial to think in chains, if we want to make sure we leave this world in a better condition for our children.

RETHINK PLASTICS and the sustainability plan for materials are the basis for making the chain more sustainable.

The OPACKGROUP is a proud partner of the Rethink Plastics program, and co-author of the sustainability plan for materials. The plan is drawn up as a roadmap. The Roadmap describes five directions that lead towards further sustainability: Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-design and Re-new. Simultaneous work in all these directions, through small steps and ongoing innovation, ensures that successful changes can be realized.

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