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At Oosterwolde Plastic Industrie, we manufacture flexible film packaging. The film is blown at our extrusion department. Polyethylene granulates are channelled into a cylinder and heated. Within the cylinder, a rotating screw squeezes the molten mass through an opening, after which the film is blown upward as a balloon. After a period of cooling, the mills press the film into a double layer, following which the film is coiled. The film is then ready for further processing.

Oosterwolde Plastic Industrie has a state of the art machine park consisting of various extruders, several of which can manufacture co-ex film, which is a film with multiple layers. An example is the type of film in which potting soil is packaged. The inside of potting soil packaging is often black, since it has to lightproof. The outside is often white, so that professional printing can be applied. As we can determine the colour, thickness, smoothness, etc. of the layers, we can give the film a wide variety of different properties.

The people at our extrusion department work in 3-person shifts and are thoroughly internally. Our technical service department sees to it that the machine park is fully maintained, and possible malfunctions are soon remedied. This is one of the ways in which we guarantee excellent quality.